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Welcome on the website of MB Led.

What is MB Led?

MB Led is a student project for the ROSE-2011 (ELECINF344/ELECINF381 course) at Telecom ParisTech.

It is inspired from 2010 GLiP project.
It is a concept of small games and applications displayed on a dynamic block network using their 8×8 led matrix.
To interact with the network you can use each block as a remote by turning it at 180 degrees, then just choose the desired game, animation or music. When you want to replace the remote block into the network just turn it at 180 degrees again.
Possibilities are infinite: interactive chess, pong, and new game concepts…

You can contact us at mbled2011 at gmail.com.
Hope you will enjoy!

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2 commentaires pour MB Led

  1. puzzlemation dit :

    Very Nice! I had a chance to meet with the GLiP project creators last summer – it’s great to see the idea developed more.

    Are you using the same hardware design as GLiP?

    John Peterson

  2. mbled dit :

    Thanks for your comment!
    We don’t exactly use the same hardware design as GLiP, it’s very inspired but we tried to correct some known problems of the previous version:

    – A new LED driver TLC5951 , replacing the two previous LED drivers and giving us a total control of each color and each LED.
    – We added a resistor to regulate the power of the IrDA tranceiver.
    – We added a buzzer and a SD card reader on each block, but we didn’t had enough time to explore the possibilities of this upgrade.
    – We replaced the micro-controller by a STM32F103RET6 with more Flash memory

    We had to redesign the PCB to apply these modifications.

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